Posted by: Jack Henry | December 12, 2016

Editor’s Corner: The Twelve Days of English – Day 3

On the third day of English

My true love gave to me

Three items he found fu-u-u-ny.

I remember when I lived in Seattle and the winter would finally break. The sun would come out and my friend Dylan would take that as a signal that it was shorts weather. Never mind that it was only 40 degrees out and he was wearing a parka up top. Well, these words and phrases from Lifehack reminded me of how differently things are defined, depending on where you are.


· In the North: a garment that is worn as soon as it is 40 degrees.

· In the South: a garment that is worn as soon as it is 70 degrees.

A big difference between the North and South is our wardrobe. In the North the first day that is warmer than 40 degrees, girls are wearing hot pants. In the South, the girls are a bit classier and hold off until it’s at least 70 to put on the daisy dukes.


· In the North: white precipitation that comes in increments of feet and might cause schools to close when there is a wind chill of -40.

· In the South: white precipitation that causes entire states to close down with a total snowfall of two inches.

Another example of geographic difference—the winter of 2013/14, the South was shut down several times when they received 1-2 inches of snow. In the North, I drove 20 miles to work in -40 degree weather, with close to a foot of snow on the ground.

“Bless your heart”

· In the North: a way of showing sincerity and appreciation.

· In the South: a way of telling someone they are an idiot.

I have heard plenty of northerners say “bless your heart” and generally it came off as a way of saying “thank you,” but in the South it basically means the opposite.

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