Posted by: Jack Henry | August 3, 2016

Editor’s Corner: Groupies

A long time ago, when some of you were just tiny babes, I shared a list of collective nouns for animals with you. What do I mean by collective nouns? I mean that rather than saying “a group of geese,” we use a collective noun and call them “a gaggle.” Instead of a “bunch of bees,” we use the collective noun “swarm.”

As part of the San Diego Zoo’s 100th anniversary, Richard Lederer has being doing articles on words involving animals. Sunday’s article included the following collective nouns, which I’ve reformatted for easier reading:

· a barren of mules

· a bloat of hippos

· a business of ferrets

· a caravan of camels

· a cete of badgers

· a coalition of cheetahs

· a dazzle of zebras

· a dray of squirrels

· a leap of leopards

· a memory of elephants

· a mischief of mice

· an obstinacy of buffalo

· a pace of asses

· a pod of seals

· a pride of lions

· a route of wolves

· a shrewdness of apes

· a singular of boars

· a skulk of foxes

· a sleuth of bears

· a sounder of swine

· a tower of giraffes

· a trip of goats

· a troop of monkeys

· a warren of rabbits

For the remainder of the article, click here.

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