Posted by: Jack Henry | July 11, 2016

Editor’s Corner: Golf Terms

Good morning. It’s a beautiful day today. If I were a golfer, this would be a great day to play. I think I would enjoy playing golf, but I’ve never tried it. Ask my husband—I don’t need another expensive hobby.

A while back, I talked about the meaning of the phrase chip in, and Steve (a friend of the Editor’s Corner), chipped in with a golf-related definition (golfers chip in when they hit a chip shot into the cup). That got me to thinking about other golf-related terms. We all know some common golf terms: birdie, bogey, eagle, and par. And although the following terms may not be new to you regular golfers, I thought they were interesting.

· Banana ball: A slice that curves in a banana like shape from left to right (for right-handed golfers).

· Bent grass: The type of grass that is found in mostly northern climates.

· Casual water: Any temporary puddles of water on the course that are not supposed to be there, like say for instance after a rainstorm. There is no penalty for a player to move his or her ball out of casual water.

· Dogleg: A hole that goes straight for a while then has a bend (or “dogleg”) to the left or right.

· Duffer: One who hits a lot of bad shots. Can also be called a “hacker.” [dbb – OK, I’ve heard this one, but I didn’t know it was a golf term.]

· Fat shot: The club hits the ground behind the ball and results in a poorly struck shot that usually doesn’t go very far.

· Mulligan: An extra shot that your opponent may allow you to take when you hit a really bad first shot. [dbb – Again, not a new term, but who knew it had anything to do with golf? Well, not me, anyway.]

· Sandbagger: A golfer who purposely pretends to be a worse golfer than he or she really is in order to gain an edge in competition.

· Waggle: The movement of the club head just prior to the player taking a swing.

· Whiff: Swinging and missing the ball.

· Worm burner: A shot that skims very low along the ground, thus killing any worms that may be poking their heads up.

If you’d like to read more, click here. Enjoy this lovely day, even if you can’t squeeze in a game of golf.

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