Posted by: Jack Henry | June 16, 2016

Editor’s Corner: Charming Words for Unpleasant People

If you have ever needed a word to describe an unpleasant person, here is a list, courtesy of Merriam-Webster. Some of these words may be outdated, but they are still fun to say.

ruffian: a brutal person; bully

scalawag: a mischievous and often morally corrupt person

smellfungus: a captious critic

knave: a tricky deceitful fellow

rapscallion: rascal, an idle worthless person

backfriend: a seeming friend who is secretly an enemy

anonymuncule: an insignificant anonymous writer

reprobate: a morally corrupt or depraved person

gobemouche: a credulous person; especially : one who believes everything he or she hears

mammothrept: a spoiled child

cad: a man who acts with deliberate disregard for another’s feelings or rights

mumpsimus: a bigoted adherent to exposed but customary error

scapegrace: a reckless unprincipled person; an incorrigible rascal

gillygaupus: a stupid awkward person

hooligan: a usually young man who does noisy and violent things as part of a group or a gang; hoodlum

choplogic: an absurdly argumentative person

scamp: rascal; rogue

guttersnipe: one belonging to or suited to the lowest moral or economic condition of usually urban civilization : a street urchin

wretch: a base, despicable, or vile person; a miserable person

blellum: a lazy talkative person

mawworm: a mealymouthed sanctimonious hypocrite

purse-leech: one that is excessively greedy for money

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