Posted by: Jack Henry | June 7, 2016

Editor’s Corner: Salt

Today I have some idioms for you related to salt. “Why,” you ask, “would you provide us with idioms and definitions related to salt?” “Well,” I might answer, “because I like salt.” I might also mention that a friend of mine sent me this link and I found it interesting and worth sharing. Thanks, Kat!

From The Free Dictionary:

· above the salt

Of or in a position of high standing, rank, regard, or repute. The term is derived from the social hierarchy of nobility in medieval times, in which salt, a precious commodity then, was set in the middle of the dining table. Those of high noble rank were seated "above the salt," that is, closer to the lord and lady of the house, while those in lower social standing were seated "below" it.

· covenant of salt

1. An agreement or union between two or more parties meant to be binding and long lasting. An allusion to such a covenant mentioned in the Bible (especially in II Chronicles 13:15), which is itself a reference to salt’s function as a preservative.

2. A traditional ceremony of marriage, in which each person exchanges a pinch of salt into a single receptacle, symbolizing an eternal and binding union.

· pound salt

To engage in pointless, menial efforts or labor. Used as an imperative to express disdain, contempt, or dismissal. A variant of the more common expression "pound sand.”

· throw salt on someone’s game

To mess up someone’s plans.

Photo Contest

Today’s photo is from Tiffany Lumley. She and I both appreciate the organic bananas, but the misused apostrophes are not our favorites.

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