Posted by: Jack Henry | June 3, 2016

Editor’s Corner: It’s on the tip of my tongue…

One of my favorite Jack Henrians just celebrated another decade of life, and I thought, along with his black cubicle decorations, he could also use this article from Daily Writing Tips. As I reviewed the article, which claims to help you find words you can’t quite remember, I decided to supply you with only two pieces of the article. Three of the five solutions are books that are not readily available, so here are the online items, links, and descriptions.

OneLook Reverse Dictionary

This online tool helps you find a word for which you know the definition but not the term itself, generate a list of related terms or concepts, or find the answers to simple factual questions. You can also find words by typing in the letters you know it contains.

The parent website’s home page has a dictionary search that lets you look up words and phrases starting or ending with one or more letters, words that start or end with certain letters and have a specific number of letters between them, or phrases that include a certain word. In addition, you can look up a word that starts with certain letters and is related in meaning to another specific word or is a certain part of speech.

Tip of My Tongue

This basic word finder features multiple routes to success: four areas with three fields each to enter what you do know about an evasive word. The first area lets you type in one or more letters: the start of a word, a letter (or a sequence of them) that you know is in there someone, or the end of the word.

The second section enables you to type in a scrambled word or any letters you know the word contains or doesn’t contain, and a third has fields in which you can enter synonyms to narrow your search. The final area lets you refine your search to words of a minimum or maximum length or words that sound like another word. Filling in at least one field will result in a list of words and their meanings that meet your criteria.

Contest Photo

Today’s photo is from Ron Woolery. I’ve never been finned before, but it could be exciting!

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