Posted by: Jack Henry | February 9, 2016

Editor’s Corner: Thunderstorms

I feel a little bit guilty writing about this today and looking outside at the San Diego sunshine. I remember Seattle winters, though, and I’ve probably used most of these rain synonyms at one time or another. Today’s rain and tomorrow’s snow synonyms are from Daily Writing Tips.

1. cloudburst: a brief, sudden, hard rain

2. condensation: conversion of vapor to a liquid or solid state, such as of cloud vapor into rain

3. deluge: a sudden large amount of rain

4. downfall: a sudden and or heavy rain

5. downpour: a sudden, heavy, continuous burst of rain

6. driving rain: rain pushed by a strong wind

7. drizzle: a light rain of small drops

8. mist: very small drops of floating or falling moisture

9. mizzle: a very fine rain

10. monsoon: very heavy rain associated with a wind that periodically appears throughout the Indian Ocean and Southeast Asia, or the season during which this occurs

11. precipitation: water in the form of rain or snow; also abbreviated colloquially as precip

12. rainfall: the amount of rain that falls in a particular area

13. rainstorm: a storm that produces rain

14. Scotch mist: a mixture of mist and light rain

15. scud: a slight, sudden shower, especially one driven by wind

16. sheet: a moving expanse of rain

17. shower: a short rain of precipitation

18. sprinkle: a light rain

19. squall: a heavy rain with wind

20. sun shower: a short rain that occurs during partial cloud cover

21. tempest: a violent rainstorm

22. thundershower: a brief storm accompanied by lightning and thunder

23. thunderstorm: a storm accompanied by lightning and thunder

24. torrent: a large amount of rain (also, a large amount of water or of anything that flows suddenly)

25. virga: streaks of rain that evaporate before they reach the ground

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