Posted by: episystechpubs | February 1, 2016

Editor’s Corner: Good vs. Well

Good morning, all!

I’ve talked about a few other word combinations in my recent posts, and those conversations sparked a reader to make this statement: I don’t know when to use good and when to use well.

You are not alone, mystery reader, and you get a gold star for caring! Let me see if I can provide an easy answer.

Good is an adjective, and adjectives modify nouns.(The nouns below are in bold font.)

· They ate a good meal.

· She felt that James was a good person.

· My phone can take a good picture.

· The temperature tomorrow should be good.

Well is an adverb, and adverbs usually modify verbs, but they can also modify adjectives or other adverbs. In the examples below, well modifies several different verbs (the verbs are in bold font).

· We all want to do well on our annual appraisals.

· Gretchen can play the guitar well.

· Ricardo sings very well. [dbb – In this sentence,
very is an adverb too. Very modifies the adverb well.]

And one more all-encompassing example that will help you to see how good and well are used together:

· Timmy did well on the test; his grade should be good.

I hope that clears things up for you, but my head’s spinning. I don’t feel so well.

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