Posted by: episystechpubs | September 11, 2015

Editor’s Corner: Time for the Hen Basket

Happy Friday, everyone!

We have beaten Tom Swifties to death, so now it’s time to have a different kind of fun with words. I recently purchased a book by Robert Alden Rubin, called Going to Hell in a Hen Basket: An Illustrated Dictionary of Modern Malapropisms. Today I’ll share of few of these with you, but first, a reminder of what a malapropism is, from Merriam-Webster:

malapropism:a usually humorous misapplication of a word or phrase; specifically: a blundering use of a word that sounds somewhat like the one intended but is ludicrously wrong in the context

I keep thinking the name of this book is Going to Hen in a Hellbasket, further challenging the original phrase. In any case, here are a few malapropisms to start the weekend with. I’d love to hear from anyone who has their own!

· a posable thumb
A professional hand model would have a posable thumb; only primates have opposable thumbs with which they can touch the fingers on their hands.

· I don’t know you from atom.
Confuses Adam, the generic man, and atom, the generic elemental particle.

· bear (your) fangs
Bearing (carrying) one’s fangs is perhaps less threatening than baring (showing) them, but in both cases, they’re handy and ready for use.

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