Posted by: episystechpubs | August 5, 2015

Editor’s Corner: Y’all

During our vacation, my husband and I stopped to get some East Coast bagels from a place called Max’s Deli. I noticed this sign and I thought it was pretty cute:

As I’ve mentioned in the past, we English speakers often find ourselves searching for a way to address multiple people in the second person. Though “you” covers one person or more than one person, many people find it lacking. English speakers around the world have come up with several different terms to fill the second person plural gap (from Wikipedia):

  • y’all, or you all – Southern United States and African American Vernacular English. Y’all is also occasionally used for the second person singular.
  • you guys – U.S., particularly in the Midwest, Northeast, South Florida, and West Coast; Canada; Australia. Used regardless of the genders of those referred to.
  • you lot – UK
  • yous(e) – Ireland, Tyneside, Merseyside, Central Scotland, and Australia
  • yous(e) guys – in the U.S., particularly in New York City region, Philadelphia, and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan
  • you-uns/yinz – Western Pennsylvania, Northeastern Pennsylvania, The Ozarks, The Appalachians
  • ye/yee/yees/yiz – Ireland, Tyneside
  • allyuh – Trinidad and Tobago

Kara Church

Technical Editor, Advisory

Symitar Documentation Services

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