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Editor’s Corner: Tom Swifties Contest Results

Wow! What a clever bunch you are! I received over 200 entries to the Tom Swifties contest, enough to entertain everyone for several days. The person with the most submissions is Scott Whitham in Monett. The random winner (also with quite a few submissions) is Eric Nielsen, in San Diego. You will each receive a lightly used copy of Richard Lederer’s book, Get Thee to a Punnery.

As a reminder:

Tom Swifties are based on the adventures of Tom Swift, over 100 books in which the characters have a strong propensity towards adverbs. Tom Swifties are described by Richard Lederer as puns “in which the adverb at the end of the sentence takes off punningly from the quotation, as in ‘I dropped my toothpaste, said Tom crestfallen.’”

Now, for the first batch of Swifties (in no particular order). Some of these puns are tricky and may include a clue.

Well done, everyone!

· "I don’t think I can carry this heavy club," Tom said weakly.
Laura Reece

· "I’m stuck on you," he said adhesively.
Mary Fleenor

· "Tennessee," Tom stated.
Laura Reece

· "Thanks for letting me hang out with you," the mistletoe said parasitically to the tree.
Mary Fleenor

· "This dessert is just too sweet," she said cloyingly.
Mary Fleenor

· “A pox upon thee!” said the witch accursedly.
Eric Nielsen

· “I can’t find the board games,” said Tom cluelessly.
James Folkerts

· “I don’t know what your angle is,” said Tom obtusely.
Samantha Armistead

· “I have a fear of snowmen,” said Tom abominably.
Samantha Armistead

· “I just love these maple flavored pancakes,” said Tom surreptitiously.
Scott Whitham

· “I only drink one brand of vodka,” said Tom absolutely.
Samantha Armistead

· “I put a refill cartridge in this ink pen,” said Tom remarkably.
Scott Whitham

· “I see one, two, three red birds in the backyard,” said Tom, cardinally.
Robert Trescott

· “I will take every one of your fly-fishing flies,” said the fisherman alluringly.
Eric Nielsen

· “I’m sitting at the command line,” she said promptly.
James Hall

· “I’m trying to count all the sparkly things on the rock star’s jumpsuit, said Tom, sequentially.”
Robert Trescott

· “Mondays are for the dogs,” he muttered doggedly.
Jeremy Anderson

· “No riding your horse after dark,” said Tom nightmarishly.
Samantha Armistead

· “Plunging into the darkness can be exhilarating,” said Tom murkily.
Laura Elden

· “Should the person who made a typo on the Editor’s Corner: Tom Swifties page be sent to prison?” I asked plasmatically.
Linda Richardson

· “That wasp doesn’t like me just because I swatted at it” Tom said begrudgingly.
Eric Nielsen

· “The ship left and came right back in to dock,” said Tom reportedly.
Scott Whitham

· “Why would I want to read another book by Harper Lee!?” the high school student groaned mockingly.
James Hall

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