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Editor’s Corner: Punctuation with Cities and States

One of you astute Editor’s Corner readers noticed some inconsistences within different articles containing state abbreviations and comma use. At JHA, we use the Chicago Manual of Style, so here is a brief excerpt on the topic and some additional information I’ve collected for inquiring minds.

From the CMOS: “When following the name of a city, the names of states, provinces, and territories are enclosed in commas, whether they are spelled out (as in running text) or abbreviated (as in tabular matter or lists). In an exception to the rule, no comma appears between the postal code [KC – The two-letter abbreviation.] and a zip code.”

Examples of using cities, states, and commas in running text:

· Chicago Manual of Style

Her voyage will take her from Charlotte, North Carolina, to San Diego, California.

· AP Stylebook

Her voyage will take her from Charlotte, N.C., to San Diego, Calif.

· Postal Address

Please send the free ice cream maker to Vernon Clamato at 8985 Balboa Ave., San Diego, CA 92123.

State Traditional
Postal (two-letter) abbreviation
Alabama Ala. AL
Alaska Alaska AK
Arizona Ariz. AZ
Arkansas Ark. AR
California Calif. CA
Colorado Colo. CO
Connecticut Conn. CT
Delaware Del. DE
Florida Fla. FL
Georgia Ga. GA
Hawaii Hawaii HI
Idaho Idaho ID
Illinois Ill. IL
Indiana Ind. IN
Iowa Iowa IA
Kansas Kans. KS
Kentucky Ky. KY
Louisiana La. LA
Maine Maine ME
Maryland Md. MD
Massachusetts Mass. MA
Michigan Mich. MI
Minnesota Minn. MN
Mississippi Miss. MS
Missouri Mo. MO
Montana Mont. MT
Nebraska Nebr. NE
Nevada Nev. NV
New Hampshire N.H. NH
New Jersey N.J. NJ
New Mexico N. Mex. NM
New York N.Y. NY
North Carolina N.C. NC
North Dakota N. Dak. ND
Ohio Ohio OH
Oklahoma Okla. OK
Oregon Oreg. OR
Pennsylvania Pa. PA
Rhode Island R.I. RI
South Carolina S.C. SC
South Dakota S. Dak. SD
Tennessee Tenn. TN
Texas Tex. TX
Utah Utah UT
Vermont Vt. VT
Virginia Va. VA
Washington Wash. WA
West Virginia W. Va. WV
Wisconsin Wis. WI
Wyoming Wyo. WY

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