Posted by: episystechpubs | March 16, 2015

Editor’s Corner: More Writing Tips

Today’s tip is to beware of wordiness in your writing. Here are a few ways to do it, from

Wordiness is a problem for many writers, whether it’s redundancy, stating the obvious, or packing a sentence with excess detail and unnecessary modifiers.

· Wordy: Imagine in your mind what a caveman from an earlier prehistoric time must have thought about when he originally saw fire for the first time.

· Better: Imagine what prehistoric man thought when he saw fire for the first time.

For precision and clarity, excise these words from your writing: [KC – That’s excise, as in cut out—not
exercise, as in exercise your right to blather on.]

· kind of

· sort of

· really

· basically

· actually

· generally

· typically

· for all intents and purposes

Edit your writing for redundant pairs such as:

· true facts

· past history

· free gift

· unexpected surprise

· each individual

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