Posted by: Jack Henry | March 12, 2015

Editor’s Corner: Limit Prepositional Phrases

Today’s handy tidbit is about prepositional phrases. I’ve stumbled on some real whoppers here in our documentation. By the time you have logged on the system, located the record on an account, found the field in the record, and entered a value in the field, it seems like you’ve been over the hill and through the woods to Grandmother’s house and back.


Tip: Limit Prepositional Phrases

Use an apostrophe, not a prepositional phrase, to show possession.

· Bad: It was the opinion of the teacher that Susan was ready for third grade.

· Better: In the teacher’s opinion, Susan was ready for third grade.

Don’t use too many prepositional phrases in a sentence.

· Bad: The ultimate point of the discussion with all of the people was to reach a consensus of the group about what to do with the leftover funds from the fundraiser.

· Better: The group discussed options for the leftover fundraiser money and ultimately reached a decision.

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