Posted by: episystechpubs | January 23, 2015

Editor’s Corner: Aptanagrams

It’s Friday, a day for fun! I know, I unpacked our adjectives yesterday, but those can wait until Monday. I have a new book to share with you called Tyrannosaurus Lex: The Marvelous Book of Palindromes, Anagrams, & Other Delightful & Outrageous Wordplay, by Rod L. Evans, Ph.D. (I believe Mr. Evans was paid by the word for that title!)

From the introduction of the Aptanagrams (Chapter 1):

Whole words can be hidden in other words by rearranging their letters, as when news becomes sewn. Such transformations are called anagrams, and aptanagram (ap-TAN-uh-gram) can be used to describe an anagram of an extraordinary kind. As its name suggests, it’s an anagram that forms an apt word (phrase or sentence).

For your Friday viewing pleasure, I have selected some of the more clever, less offensive items from this collection.

a decimal point = I’m a dot in place

a shoplifter = has to pilfer

A stitch in time saves nine = Is this meant as incentive?

angered = enraged

asteroid threats = disaster to Earth

Clint Eastwood = old west action

considerate = care is noted

conversation = voices rant on

dormitory = dirty room

election results = lie, let’s recount

eleven + two = twelve + one

fir cones = conifers

hibernates = the bear’s in

punishment = nine thumps

rats and mice = in cat’s dream

the eyes = they see

Western Union = no wire unsent

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