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Editor’s Corner: 10 Words That Are Older Than You Might Think

As I was trying to think of something to share with you today, I came across this top ten list from Merriam-Webster: “10 Words That Are Older Than You Might Think.”

Before you send me an email arguing that some of these are not legitimate words, be aware that they are all listed in the dictionary. We may not like it, but these words have made the cut. Below, I have listed each word and the year of its earliest known usage. The date is not the date that the word was added to the dictionary. It’s the earliest date that they can verify that the word was used. The words were likely in use for years before the date listed.

1. Hipster, 1938 [dbb – I went to a hipster wedding last month in San Diego. So many beards, tattoos, and big-framed glasses—and the guys looked cool too.]

2. Credit card, 1888

3. Rap, 1787

4. Ginormous, 1942

5. Irregardless, 1795 [dbb – I hear your shouts of outrage! I’m sad to report that
irregardless is listed in the dictionary; however, it is listed as a nonstandard word. I don’t know who added it. Maybe it’s not too late to fire that guy.]

6. Online, 1950

7. Energy drink, 1904

8. Friend, 13th century [dbb – We are talking about friend as a verb here, as when you friend someone on Facebook®.]

9. D-oh, 1945

10. Wiretap, 1902

If you’d like to read more about any of ten words above, click here.

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