Posted by: Jack Henry | November 28, 2014

Editor’s Corner: Fun with Words

It’s a quiet day. A lot of people have the day off, but we don’t want to feel sorry for ourselves. Instead, let’s have a little fun with words. I’m going to share seven wacky words that originated in the USA. Before seeing this post on, I had heard all but one of these words, but I didn’t know what some of them meant. See how many you know:

· Lollapalooza: an extraordinary thing, person, or event [dbb – This word perfectly describes the Thanksgiving celebration at my house yesterday.]

· Sockdolager: a decisive blow or remark

· Catawampus: confused or diagonal [dbb – This word could describe the way my son set the Thanksgiving table; but hey, he did it, so I didn’t have to.]

· Hornswoggle: To trick or hoax

· Foofaraw: A great fuss about something insignificant or an excessive amount of decoration

· Discombobulate: to confuse or upset [dbb – I just love this word.]

· Bumptious: offensively self-assertive [dbb – Did I mention that my sister attended?]

If you’d like to hear how these words are pronounced and read a little more about them, click here.

Enjoy your day today, and have a lovely weekend.

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