Posted by: episystechpubs | November 18, 2014

Nifty Nuggets: Do Not Use Verbs as Nouns

Good morning, folks.

I just got in to work. I just stepped up on my soapbox, and here I go.

I have noticed an ugly habit in our technical community: people are haphazardly turning verbs into nouns.

For instance, I have heard and read statements similar to these:

· The module will be added during the install.

· Changing this parameter could cause a mass delete.

In the sentences above, both install and delete are verbs that are being used as nouns. You can install software and you can delete a record, but you cannot (grammatically speaking) have, or perform, an install or a delete.

What confuses me, is that we already have perfectly good nouns that we should be using: installation and deletion.

· The module will be added during the installation.

· Changing this parameter could cause a mass deletion of the record.

Granted, the correct words are three syllables long rather than one; but have we really gotten that lazy? Is it worth saving the nanosecond it takes to say or the millisecond it takes to type the longer word?

Oh my gosh, I sound like my fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Forbrag. No one liked her. Let’s not tell Jackie what a downer I can be. She may not let me guest host anymore.

Enjoy your day!

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