Posted by: episystechpubs | October 29, 2014

Editor’s Corner: Because

I imagine some of you are getting tired of my daily lessons mixed with vacation talk. So today, instead of telling you about a method of torture I learned about at the Tower of London, I am going to share a frequently asked grammar question (and the answer) with you.

Today’s tidbit is courtesy of the Chicago Manual of Style.

Q. Is it grammatically correct to start a sentence with the word because?

A. Yes, it’s correct. It’s correct in formal prose when because is the beginning of a complete sentence, e.g.,

Because of the wind, it felt colder.

Because I was late, they towed my car.

Sticklers object to the use of because because it sometimes introduces a sentence fragment, and they think that sentence fragments are not allowed in writing. But they are wrong—sentence fragments are found in the very best of classic English prose. Because they work.

KC – Of course, our technical documentation does not claim to be the “very best of classic English prose,” so we use more formal English and generally shy away from sentences that begin with “because.”

For those of you who are interested in the gruesome side humans or who are preparing a stellar Halloween scene at your house, there is an article about the Scavenger’s Daughter here.

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