Posted by: episystechpubs | September 12, 2014

Editor’s Corner: The Verdict & Friday Mondegreens

Here are the last few items from jury duty. J I also have a little treat for you at the very bottom of this email.

These definitions are from the following glossaries:

  • deliberations: This occurs after a trial when a jury goes into its assigned private room to think about and discuss evidence and testimony to help it reach a verdict. [KC – Also known as going from the jury box to a more enclosed box. All of the evidence and the twelve jury members are sent
    to a room and closed in to finally talk about the case. Up to this point, there is no chatting with anyone about what we’ve seen or heard. We all went around the table and had an opportunity to discuss what evidence and testimony seemed true and how we thought
    we might decide. Where there was misunderstanding or disagreement, we continued to discuss the evidence.]
  • foreperson: A member of a jury, usually the first juror called and sworn, or a juror elected by fellow jurors, who delivers the verdict to the court.
  • beyond a reasonable doubt: In a criminal case, the accused’s guilt must be established "beyond a reasonable doubt." Proof beyond a reasonable doubt is proof that leaves you with an abiding conviction that the charge is true. [KC – This was a criminal case, so the decision had to be unanimous. The prosecutor’s job was to prove that Mr. X was guilty
    beyond a reasonable doubt. If there was doubt, we were tasked to find him innocent.]
  • verdict: The formal decision or finding made by a jury, which has been impaneled and sworn for the trial of a case, and reported to the court. [KC – Unfortunately for Mr. X, the jury found him guilty of having a blood alcohol level above .08 while driving. So that the jury doesn’t base the verdict on the defendant’s past or on potential
    punishment, sentencing is done at a separate time and the jury is not involved.]

I never forget a promise and I know I promised you more mondegreens (misheard song lyrics). While I was on jury duty, I went through two new books and started collecting some for you. Here are a few from The Ants Are My Friends by Martin Toseland.

Song Title Artist/Group Mondegreen Actual Lyrics
Blowin’ in the Wind Bob Dylan The ants are my friends The answer my friends
I Can See Clearly Now Johnny Nash I can see Cleveland now, Lorraine has gone

I can see all lobster claws in my way

I can see clearly now, the rain has gone

I can see all obstacles in my way

Big Mouth Strikes Again The Smiths And now I know that I’m adopted And now I know how Joan of Arc felt
Orange Crush REM We all itch in South Capri We are agents of the free
Downtown Petula Clark Listen to the rhythm of the gentle boxing gopher Listen to the rhythm of the gentle Bossanova

Have a great weekend, everyone!


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