Posted by: Jack Henry | May 23, 2014

Editor’s Corner: Should

Happy Friday and a joyous three-day weekend to you!

Several of the Editor’s Corner topics over the last couple of years have included misheard phrases and misheard song lyrics, often with hilarious results. I wouldn’t call today’s topic hilarious, but it is based on mishearing. It is actually a peeve of several of your JHA co-workers, so be careful when you are saying or writing should have or should’ve.

Correct: John should have given her the smaller ring; the larger diamond looked obscene on her tiny finger.

Correct: I should’ve known better than to put Mentos® into that bottle of Diet Coke®.

Incorrect: She should of been more careful when feeding the zoo’s notorious spitting camel.

That’s it! That is the lesson. Don’t use of. Of is a preposition and has nothing to do with the present perfect verb should have.

Kara Church

Technical Editor, Advisory

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