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Editor’s Corner: D is for

I have a delightful tidbit selected particularly with German-speakers in mind, but you will have to wait until tomorrow for that. Until then, I have the D and E social media terms from the Building Brand Character & Constant Contact glossaries.


· An online bookmarking service that lets users save website addresses publicly and privately online so they can be accessed from any device connected to the internet and shared with friends. [KC – It sounds a little dirty, but I checked the web page and it is safe for work. Not as delicious as chocolate cake, but it may be enjoyable to some of you.]

· Duplicate Content: Content that is duplicated entirely or partially from either another website or within your own. This is a negative ranking factor and can cause a site to be buried in the rankings.


· EBook: An electronic version of a book, typically in a PDF file format.

· Ecommerce Site: A website devoted to retail sales where users can purchase products online.

· EdgeRank: Similar to PageRank, this is Facebook’s algorithm to determine popularity and trust among other (proprietary) factors.

· Engagement: Users who interact with a company or website online, particularly through social media channels. High engagement is a positive sign, as it indicates the target audience is interested in what a brand has to say.

· Embedding: The act of adding code to a website so that a video or photo can be displayed on that site while being hosted by another. For example, YouTube provides a simple snippet of HTML code that can be used to embed a copy of any video on a website or blog. The video will play inside a YouTube-branded player.

· Engaged: People who interact with a business or organization or an individual (on social networks, in email, etc.) by posting comments and sharing content are said to be engaged.

As a juvenile (Type I) diabetic, this cracked me up. Let the cage matches begin!

Kara Church

Senior Technical Editor

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