Posted by: Jack Henry | February 28, 2014

Editor’s Corner: If you like pina coladas, and getting caught in the rain…

Happy Friday!

I have another set of mondegreens (misheard song lyrics) to start off your weekend with a chuckle. Today I’ve selected some that have a food theme. (Well, I guess the one about aspirin and gin doesn’t exactly fall into the traditional pyramid of balanced nutrition.) Next week I’ll have my final set of mondegreens for you, but I will also be giving away the series of books they are from. One is going to Renee Deane, who encouraged me to go on this mondegreen kick. That leaves two others…sounds like time for another contest! (Details and rules to follow.)

As before, these mondegreens are from books by Gavin Edwards: ‘Scuse Me While I Kiss This Guy, When a Man Loves a Walnut, and He’s Got the Whole World in His Pants.

Group/Singer (Song Title)

Mondegreen. (Actual song lyrics.)

Wham! (Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go)

Wake me up, and pour some cocoa (Wake me up, before you go-go)

The Rolling Stones (Beast of Burden)

I’ll never leave your pizza burnin’. (I’ll never be your beast of burden.)

The Steve Miller Band (Jungle Love)

The question to everyone’s answer is usually aspirin with gin. (The question to everyone’s answer is usually asked from within.)

Simon and Garfunkel (I am a Rock)

· I am a rock, I am an onion.

· I am a rock, I am in Thailand.

(I am a rock, I am an island.)

Rupert Holmes (Escape)

If you like bean enchiladas (If you like pia coladas)

The Eagles (Hotel California)

On a dark desert highway, Cool Whip in my hair. (On a dark desert highway, cool wind in my hair.)

Foreigner (Double Vision)

My mind is bacon, but my body’s Sizzlean. (My mind is racing’, but my body’s in the lead.)

The Ramones (I Wanna Be Sedated)

I want a piece of date bread (I wanna be sedated)

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