Posted by: episystechpubs | February 24, 2014

Editor’s Corner: Animal Adjectives

Good morning!

Today’s Editor’s Corner is brought to you by DailyWritingTips. This list of animals with their corresponding adjectives may come in handy the next time you need to describe a co-worker’s animal-like behavior.

ant: formicine

ass: asinine

bear: ursine

bird: avian

bull: taurine

crow: corvine

dog: canine

dove: columbine

elephant: elephantine

fish: piscine

fox: vulpine

hornet/wasp: vespine

horse: equine

lion: leonine

peacock: pavonine

pig: porcine

seal: phocine

serpent: serpentine

sheep: ovine

swan: cygnine

tiger: tigrine

tortoise: testudine

wolf: lupine

viper: viperine

Here are some examples:

Bad writing brings out Kara’s taurine characteristics.

Ron guarded the cookies on the counter in a leonine manner.

Donna’s posture is cygnine-like.

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