Posted by: episystechpubs | January 7, 2014

Editor’s Corner: Then vs. Than

Today’s item is a double whammy!

· Whammy one: when these two words are misused, many of your co-workers notice it, cringe, and send emails to me with this at the top of their peeve lists.

· Whammy two: this couplet was rated number five on Merriam-Webster’s list of Top 10 Commonly Confused Words of last year.

· Whammy Kiss: The second single released by The B-52’s from their 1983 album Whammy!

Introducing then vs. than:


Is this room hotter than or then a sauna?



How to remember it:

Use then only when you’re talking about sequences and time, e.g., "First we’ll go here, then we’ll go there."

When you’re comparing things, as in the example above, use than. (If it helps, consider that than, like compare, has an "a.")

Happy Tuesday!


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