Posted by: Jack Henry | December 19, 2013

Editor’s Corner: 7 swans and a bunch of baby animals

On the seventh day of Christmas, my true love gave to me: 7 swans a-swimming. (♪ And with luck an avi-a-ry. ♪)

In honor of all of the animals I seem to be gathering, today I am presenting you with a selection of animals and the corresponding names of the male, female, and baby of each species. For a more complete list, check out the Enchanted Learning web page.

Animal Male Female Baby
alligator bull cow hatchling
armadillo male female pup
badger boar sow kit, cub
bee drone queen, worker larva
boar boar sow piglet, shoat, farrow
cat tomcat queen kitten
cattle bull cow calf, dogie (a motherless calf)
dolphin bull cow pup, calf
donkey jack, jackass jennet, jenny colt, foal
elephant bull cow calf
elk bull cow calf
falcon tercel, terzel falcon chick
ferret hob jill kit
fox reynard, dog, dog fox, or tod vixen kit, cub, pup
gerbil buck doe pup
goat buck, billy doe, nanny kid, billy
goose gander goose gosling
guinea pig boar sow pup
hamster buck doe pup
hare buck doe leveret
horse stallion, stud mare, dam foal, colt (male), filly (female)
jay cock hen chick
kangaroo buck, boomer, jack doe, flyer, jill, roo joey
koala male female joey
leopard leopard leopardess cub
lion lion lioness cub
mallard drake duck duckling
monkey male female infant
mosquito male female nymph, wriggler, tumbler
mouse buck doe pup, pinkie, kitten
mule jack hinney foal
opossum jack jill joey
panda boar sow cub
peafowl peacock peahen peachick
quail cock hen chick
rabbit buck doe kitten, bunny, kit
raccoon boar sow cub
sand dollar male female larva, pluteus (free-swimming stage), juvenile (young urchin)
sheep buck, ram ewe, dam lamb, lambkin, cosset
spider male female spiderling
toad male female tadpole
wallaby jack jill joey
weasel dog, buck, Jack, hob bitch, doe, Jill kit
whale bull cow calf
yak bull cow calf
zebra stallion mare colt, foal

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