Posted by: episystechpubs | November 6, 2013

Editor’s Corner: Veterans’ Day

Good morning!

Before I start on today’s item, I’d like to ask you for some input. I have sent out several hundred e-mails on different topics over the years, but with new readers and new venues for Editor’s Corner, I’d like to know what burning questions or grammar issues are at the top of your lists. Please send me your top peeves, the language issues that plague you, and the questions you are too embarrassed to ask in public—about English, grammar, spelling, keyboard symbols, word origins, etc. If your burning questions are not related to these topics, you can still ask me, but you may be better off seeing a doctor instead.

I will do my best to research your questions and provide explanations and answers over the next months. Send your emails directly to me at kchurch. Thank you!

In honor of the upcoming holiday, I have an explanation of Veterans’ Day punctuation from Grammar Girl.

Monday, November 11, is Veterans Day in the United States. Although the government officially calls it Veterans Day, the name is sometimes written as "Veterans’ Day" (which is also a grammatically acceptable choice), or "Veteran’s Day" (which isn’t correct). What’s the difference?

Veterans Day

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