Posted by: episystechpubs | September 25, 2013

Editor’s Corner: G, H, I, and J redundancies to cut from your vocabulary

Welcome to Wednesday! I have several more redundant words and phrases for us to watch out for from the list of 200 Common Redundancies we started…was that last week? It seems like years ago. In any case, I bring you those beginning with G, H, I and J.


  • gather (together)
  • (general) public [KC – Unless you are part of the punk/mod/ska band from the early 1980s, in which case you’d be General Public with initial caps.]
  • GOP (party)
  • GRE (exam)
  • green [or blue or whatever] (in color)
  • grow (in size)


  • had done (previously)
  • (harmful) injuries [KC – If you are one of the few people in the world with congenital analgesia, I will accept your argument that this is not redundant; otherwise, each e-mailed argument will
    cost a dollar.]
  • (head) honcho
  • HIV (virus)
  • hoist (up)
  • hurry (up)


  • (illustrated) drawing
  • incredible (to believe)
  • indicted (on a charge)
  • input (into)
  • integrate (together)
  • integrate (with each other)
  • interdependent (on each other) [KC
    – C’mon folks. This just sounds horrible!]
  • introduced (a new)
  • introduced (for the first time)
  • (ir)regardless [KC – I get several requests a year asking me to discuss this word (or rather, pleading with me to tell people not to use it). This is probably the fifth or sixth
    time I have included an article with the instructions DO NOT USE THE NON-WORD IRREGARDLESS. Unfortunately, I can guarantee you will hear it again and it will make you cry.]
  • ISBN (number)


  • join (together)
  • (joint) collaboration

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