Posted by: episystechpubs | September 17, 2013

Editor’s Corner: Redundancies

As I listened to the radio this morning, there was a report on yesterday’s shooting at the Washington D.C. Navy Yard. The news reported "we have the single and sole person responsible" for the shooting. As I pondered that redundancy, I heard the local news repeat the same line about the “single and sole shooter.” I started wondering if there was some subtle difference I was missing. I looked both words up and they are definitely redundant: single is defined as “only one” and sole is defined as “only or single.”


2. Here I offer you the A’s and B’s from a list of 200 common redundancies, brought to us by


  • (absolutely) essential
  • (absolutely) necessary
  • (actual) facts
  • advance (forward)
  • (advance) planning
  • (advance) preview
  • (advance) reservations
  • (advance) warning
  • add (an additional)
  • add (up)
  • (added) bonus
  • (affirmative) yes
  • (aid and) abet
  • (all-time) record
  • alternative (choice)
  • A.M. (in the morning)
  • (and) etc.
  • (anonymous) stranger
  • (annual) anniversary
  • (armed) gunman
  • (artificial) prosthesis
  • ascend (up)
  • ask (the question)
  • assemble (together)
  • attach (together)
  • ATM (machine)
  • autobiography (of his or her own life)


  • balsa (wood)
  • (basic) fundamentals
  • (basic) necessities
  • best (ever)
  • biography (of his–or her–life)
  • blend (together)
  • (boat) marina
  • bouquet (of flowers)
  • brief (in duration)
  • (brief) moment
  • (brief) summary
  • (burning) embers

Have a good day!


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