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Editor’s Corner: Metropolitan vs. Cosmopolitan

Good morning!

I was chatting with my new friend Edith in a movie theatre and she asked what the difference between metropolitan and cosmopolitan is. I immediately thought of the vodka cocktail, while her husband thought aloud, “Neapolitan. Mmmmmmmmmm. Ice cream.”

Metropolitan (adj.) originated in the 15th century and comes from the Greek word metropolites, meaning resident of a city.

According to the Online Etymology Dictionary, the word cosmopolitan (adj.) comes from the word cosmopolite. Cosmopolite originated in the late 16th century and means man of the world or citizen of the world. Cosmopolite comes from the Greek word kosmopolites (kosmos means world and polites means citizen).

As far as cities go, a cosmopolitan city has residents of diverse cultural backgrounds. A metropolitan city is densely populated and surrounded by areas economically and socially linked to it. Some cities fall into both categories, for example, New York and Los Angeles.

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