Posted by: episystechpubs | July 18, 2013

Editor’s Corner: Recurring vs. Reoccurring

Today I have another tidbit in response to a question from one of our avid readers.

Dear Editrix,
I’ve seen people use the terms “recurring” and “reoccurring” in documents. Which one is correct?

Curious in California

Dear Curious,
According to our dictionary, both words mean “to occur again.” With a little more research, however, I’ve uncovered the following subtleties:

  • Recur – To happen again repeatedly at regular intervals

The arguments and shouting recur at 5:00 each day, when 500 people clock out and try to walk through the two lobby turnstiles.

  • Reoccur – To happen again once or more than once; not necessarily repeatedly or recurring (unpredictable)

Tales of “random cupcake appearances” have reoccurred since Jackie returned to work.

Kara Church
Senior Technical Editor
619-542-6773 | Ext: 766773


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  1. Thank you. Recurring payments set to pay monthly. So glad you cleared that up for everyone else. 🙂

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