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Editor’s Corner: She has a certain “je ne sais quoi”….

Good afternoon! Today’s fare includes a turkey sandwich and half of an article from I’ll send the other ten tomorrow, after you’ve tried to use each of the words below in conversation.

20 Words for That Certain Something

Some people have it, and some people don’t. But what, exactly, is it? Here’s a list of words describing a special quality that sets certain people apart from others, and their meanings:

· Brio: vivaciousness (Italian, “fire, life,” perhaps from the word for vigor from a form of French)

· Charisma: charm or personal magnetism (from the Greek word meaning “favor”)

· Chutzpah: admirable or excessive self-confidence; this word and ginger are the only ones on this list that have both positive and negative connotations (from Hebrew by way of Yiddish; several other spellings are used, but this one is the most common)

· Duende: charm (from Spanish dialect, meaning “ghost”)

· Élan: enthusiasm (from the French word eslan, meaning “rush,” with the same Latin root from which lance is derived) [KC – I do not recommend rushing into a lance.]

· Esprit: vivacious wit (French, from the Latin term spiritus, “spirit”)

· Flair: style, or talent or tendency (from the French word meaning “odor” or “scent,” ultimately from Latin flagrare, an alteration of fragrare, from which fragrance is derived) [KC – Looking at the etymology, I’m suddenly thinking it’s not such a compliment.]

· Ginger: spirit, or temper (from the Latin term zingiberis, for the root used as a spice and a medicine, derived from the Sanskrit word srngaveram)

· Gumption: initiative (from a Scottish word meaning “shrewdness,” perhaps from a Germanic term meaning “attention”)

· Gusto: enthusiasm (the Italian word for “taste,” from the Latin term gustus)

From F in Exams, by Richard Benson

Kara Church

Senior Technical Editor

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