Posted by: episystechpubs | February 5, 2013

Editor’s Corner: C is for Crazy

Good morning! I have a lot of words today and tomorrow from the “C list.” As usual, the definitions and examples are from; those in blue are from me.

censor (verb, noun) disallow; person who disallows

Example: The soldier’s letters were censored before mailing.

censure to disapprove of; criticize strongly

Example: The children were censured by the principal.

sensor a device that measures heat, light, etc. and transmits a signal to a control or measuring instrument
cent a penny
scent a smell, aroma
sent Transmitted

Example: I sent 12 cents to the factory to buy a bottle of skunk scent neutralizer; it smelled like a sewage treatment plant.

childish Immature

Example: “Mr. B and Ms. C,” said the CFO, “If you continue giving each other noogies, I will write you up for your childish behavior.”

childlike Innocent

Example: I enjoy Frannie’s childlike personality—the innocent stares, the glee with which she approaches new experiences, her gentle naïveté—but I wish she would stop eating Gerber’s stewed carrots when we go clubbing.

choral (adj.) having to do with a chorus or a choir

Example: My choral group meets on Thursday evenings to practice hymns for Sunday’s service.

coral (noun, adj.) material that makes up reefs; orange color

Example: My coral group meets in Hawaii each May to snorkel and take photos of the fish that live among these skeletal marine animals.

corral (noun, verb) a horse pen; to confine

Example: My corral group meets on Saturdays at Boone’s Farm to ride horses and practice hog-tying.

chord three or more musical tones sounded simultaneously; line segment joining two points on a curve
cord a rope or strand of flexible material; a unit of measurement used for dry wood (in U.S. and Canada)
cored removed the center of something

Example:We made a guitar out of a piece of wood, a cored apple, and four nylon cords; it didn’t play a single chord of music.

cite to assert; to quote from; to subpoena

Example: Professor Parker always ended his lectures by citing The Hobbit.

sight vision, the power to see

Example: Every time I see Mt. Rainier on a beautiful Seattle day, I am tremendously thankful for the gift of sight.

site a location or position

Example: The site of the new office building is in the vacant lot three blocks from here.

NOTICE: This electronic mail message and any files transmitted with it are intended
exclusively for the individual or entity to which it is addressed. The message,
together with any attachment, may contain confidential and/or privileged information.
Any unauthorized review, use, printing, saving, copying, disclosure or distribution
is strictly prohibited. If you have received this message in error, please
immediately advise the sender by reply email and delete all copies.

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