Posted by: Jack Henry | January 15, 2013

Editor’s Corner: Law and Order: SVE (Special Vocabulary Edition)

No time for punctuation today, and tomorrow I have jury duty, so you’ll just have to hold any unanswered questions you have about quotation marks for another day. Here are ten terms that are synonyms for law, order, or rule, from There’s a chance I might’ve added a few comments here and there.

· Behest: an order or prompting

· Commandment: something ordered

· Decree: an order, or a decision by a judicial or religious official

· Directive: an order issued by a government entity, an official, an organization, or Starfleet

· Edict: an order or proclamation

· Injunction: an order, or a legal requirement to do or not do something (not to be confused with a conjunction, the part of speech that is used to combine two or more words, clauses, or sentences)

· Mandate: an order handed down from one court or other judicial body to another, or an authorization granted to a government official or a government, an order for establishment of a government, or a territory under such an order (and rarely, a term referring to several guys hanging out together, usually in a “man cave”)

· Ordinance: a law or order established by a government entity, especially on the municipal level, a specified ceremony or custom, or something ordered by a god or determined by fate

· Precept: an order given to an official by the person’s superior, or an order or a principle that is to be considered a general rule

· Word: a direction or order (Sometimes used as an interjection [Word!] to indicate agreement.)

Kara Church

Senior Technical Editor

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