Posted by: Jack Henry | December 28, 2012

Editor’s Corner: Random Regional Ravings

I love hearing about words and terms that people use in different areas of the United States. For example, when I moved to San Diego from Seattle, I called the holes in the road “chuckholes.” In San Diego they’re “potholes” and elsewhere some people call them “kettles.”

Another example is the Armadillidiidae (arma-diddly-doo to you!], known by this Northwesterner as the “potato bug” (or pill bug). Down here I’ve heard them called “pill bugs” and “roly-polies,” and it seems the common, more accurate name is the “wood louse.” Anybody out there with other names?

But that aside, today’s tidbit is from the radio show A Way with Words (podcasts at Host Grant Barrett brings up something I’ve never heard of, and I have it here for you to ponder:

Do you have a saying for when you drive over a bump and plop back down? In the Northeast, it’s common to say thank you, ma’am, since the nodding motion of a head going over a bump is reminiscent of genteel greetings. It’s also known as a dipsy doodle, duck-and-dip, tickle bump, whoop-de-do, belly tickler, and how-do-you-do. Our favorite, though, is kiss-me-quick, a reference to seizing the opportunity when a bump in the road throws passengers closer together. The term goes back to the days of horse-drawn buggies.

Gary Cooper

Kara Church

Senior Technical Editor


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