Posted by: Jack Henry | December 19, 2012

Editor’s Corner: Medical Terms with New Meanings, Part II

Although it’s a little belated, this is the follow-up from Monday’s e-mail on names of medical conditions that have taken on new meaning in our language. The newer meaning is first, followed by the medical definitions in parentheses.

The original article is from

1. Nerve: boldness, strength, or a sensitive issue (tissue that connects components of an organism’s nervous system, or sinews or tendons)

2. Oral: spoken (pertaining to the mouth, or to personality traits or a stage of psychological development)

3. Paralysis: incapacity or powerlessness (loss of ability to sense and move part or all of the body)

4. Plethora: abundance, excess (an excess of blood)

5. Postmortem: an analysis or discussion of an event after it has occurred (an autopsy)

6. Prognosis: forecast (chances for recovery from disease)

7. Sanguine: bloodthirsty, or optimistic (pertaining to blood, or having a ruddy complexion)

8. Schizophrenia: antagonistic or contrary attitudes or qualities (a psychiatric disorder marked by delusion of perception and thought)

9. Surgical: marked by precision (pertaining to medical operations)

10. Umbilical: used in references to excessive emotional attachment (pertaining to the navel or the center of the abdomen)


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