Posted by: Jack Henry | December 17, 2012

Editor’s Corner: A morbid hallucination

Here are some great vocabulary words for Monday meetings! See how many you can use when called in to talk with your peers or your boss! For example, “Mr. Dithers, you used to happily flesh out your project plans to the minutest detail; today you have a dyspeptic attitude, your plan is anemic, and unless you diagnose and articulate the problem you will find yourself being transferred to the division of the company that has suffered from unstoppable hemorrhaging since layoffs began.”

Most of these words describe medical conditions or phenomena, but have acquired new connotations. In some cases, the medical meaning followed the original meaning. The list includes the terms and newer meanings, as well as the initial definition. (From, “Figurative and Alternate Meanings for 20 Medical Terms🙂 The first ten, for your reading pleasure:

1. Anemic: lacking in some quality, such as energy, interest, quantity, or substance (blood deficiency, resulting in a lack of vitality)

2. Artery: a communication or transportation channel, especially a major one (vessels that carry blood from the heart throughout the body)

3. Articulation: the action, manner, or state of being joined, or expressing or uttering sounds or words; also, an obstruction (a joint or juncture in an animal)

4. Cataracts: waterfalls or steep rapids, or torrents (a clouding of the eye that obstructs light) — this word, from the Latin term for a portcullis, a gate that is lowered from above, likely acquired the medical connotation later, from the resemblance of the clouding to a sheet of water

5. Diagnosis: an analysis or investigation, or its conclusion (using signs and symptoms to identify a disease, or the identification itself)

6. Dyspeptic: disgruntled (suffering from indigestion)

7. Hallucination: delusion (false perception caused by drugs or a nervous system disorder, or the object so perceived)

8. Hemorrhage: a significant loss or release (a heavy flow of blood)

9. Nasal: a vocal quality suggestion obstruction in the nose (pertaining to the nose)

10. Morbid: melancholy or gruesome, or related to death (pertaining to or affected by or causing disease)

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