Posted by: episystechpubs | November 19, 2012

Editor’s Corner: Excuse you!

To get us in the mood for the upcoming holiday, the Daily Writing Tips newsletter has shared some “bodily function” words with us today. Ah yes, gurgling stomachs, chowing down on turkey, cheek-pinching from Aunt Mary, and traveling with sick people—we’ve got you covered! I slimmed down the list a little so it’s only moderately disgusting. 🙂

borborygmus: rumbling (“What I thought was the rumbling of a truck was only a bout of borborygmus in my stomach.”)

eructation: belching (“The smokestacks engaged in endless eructation.”)

ingurgitation: guzzling (“We gazed in disbelief at the rampant ingurgitation occurring among the frat boys arrayed around the keg.”)

osculation: kissing (“The odious osculation that takes place between politics and big business will never cease.”)

peristalsis: swallowing (“They accepted the lies with peristaltic enthusiasm — hook, line, and sinker.”)

sternutation: sneezing (“His incessant explosions of sternutation were unsettling.”)

tussis: coughing (“John produced gratuitous tussis to signal his extreme skepticism.”)

For the full list of functions see:

Kara Church

Senior Technical Editor

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