Posted by: Jack Henry | July 26, 2012

Editor’s Corner: Answers for Capital Quiz

Capitalization rules can be tricky. After the correct answer, you will find a brief explanation of the rule used for that sentence.

The stats and correct answers for today’s quiz:

ABAB – 3

BBBB – 7

CBAB – 31

BBAB – 6

BAAA – 47

Total respondents: 94 (Terrific!)


Correct Answer: B

I plan to take economics as well as Statistics 101 next semester.

Explanation: Capitalize specific names of courses and those derived from proper nouns.


Correct Answer: A

It’s a federal offense to open another person’s mail without permission.

Explanation: Capitalize federal or state when used as part of an official agency name or in government documents where these terms represent an official name. If they are being used as general terms, you may use lowercase letters.


Correct Answer: A

Would you mind repeating that again, Professor?

Explanation: Capitalize any title when used as a direct address.

Correct Answer: A

Gloria Dubois, the mayor of Portland, will be attending the meeting tomorrow.

Explanation: Capitalize a person’s title when it precedes the name. Do not capitalize when the title is acting as a description following the name.

Kara Church

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