Posted by: Jack Henry | July 18, 2012

Editor’s Corner: Passed and Past

Yesterday, I received a pleading e-mail to go over the difference between the words passed and past—a pet peeve of one of our managers, so take note! Here is a brief explanation and a few examples to get you past the grammarlicious terms. For more information on these frequently confused words, there is a more lengthy post on the topic at (


Passed is the past participle of the verb “to pass.”

· Pass (transitive verb)
I passed the hospital on my way to the rally.

· Pass (intransitive verb)
She passed through life without a worry.

· Pass (intransitive verb, sometime used as euphemism for “die”)

He passed last night at bedtime, after we sang his favorite hymn.


Past can be used as several different parts of speech:

· adjective
Don’t be angry at your sister for past offenses.

· adverb
I thought the dog would stop, but he just ran past.

· preposition
Dorothy has a horrible fake ID—she can never get past the bouncer!


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