Posted by: episystechpubs | July 12, 2012

Editor’s Corner: Answers and a Sweet Treat

Here are the selections from earlier and the number of people who selected each answer. The total number follows, along with the original questions and a photo for your amusement.

1) EBE – 0

2) CBB – 38

3) EAD – 1

4) CBA – 14

5) CAB – 18

Total number of responses: 71


1. In the sentence "The pig ate her corndog," the underlined pronoun has which of the following combinations of person, number, and case:

C. third person, singular, possessive

2. In the sentence "Each of the elephants have a pedigree," the verb agreement is which of the following:

B. Incorrect

3. What punctuation does the following example require? "He has carefully fixed all of the dents moreover, he has replaced and polished all of the chrome."

B. A semicolon after "dents"

From, a major failure from the bakery:

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