Posted by: Jack Henry | June 28, 2012

Editor’s Corner: Thursday Puzzle – Reverse Verses

This is not so much a quiz as it is a puzzle. There is no need to send your answers to me—we’ll work on the honor system. I will send the answers out this afternoon so you can see how you did.

These are “Reverse Verses” from The Game of Words, by Willard R. Espy.

Each of the couplets below defines two words, the first is the reverse of the second in spelling but otherwise unrelated to it.

KC – For example:

“It’s used on your luggage to fasten about;
Turn it around, and your clothes may fall out.”

In this case, the answer to the first line is strap; the answer to the second line (the reverse) is parts. Solve one line, solve the other.

Good luck!

Without her I know that there wouldn’t be me;
Turn her around, she’s a word from ‘to be’.

Detractors will say I’m too greedy by far;
Turn me around, I’m an opera star.

If I bore you by boasting and putting on airs,
Turn me around, and I’m something one wears.

A river will do this, though shallow, though deep;
Turn it around, and it likes eating sheep.

Kara Church
Senior Technical Editor
8985 Balboa Ave.
San Diego, CA 92123

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