Posted by: episystechpubs | May 18, 2012

Editor’s Corner: Hither and Thither

Happy Friday! Today we have the second helping of words from “30 Archaic Adjectives and Adverbs” by Mark Nichol (

· Hither (adj., adv.): to this place (“Come hither when you are able”)

· Hitherto: see heretofore [KC – heretofore: up to this time]

· Lief (adj., adv.): beloved (“You are my lief friend”); willing (“I would as lief be beside you now”)

· Mayhap (adv.): perhaps (“Mayhap we shall see them tomorrow”)

· Meet (adv.): appropriate (“It is meet that you do so”)

· Nary (adj.): not any or not one (“Nary a sign have I seen of him”)

· Natheless (adv.): nevertheless (“Though it is dangerous, natheless will I go)

· Needs (adv.): necessarily (“I must needs be heard so that all shall know”)

· Nigh (adj., adv.; prep.): near, nearly, direct (“Those who pursue are nigh upon us”)

· Peradventure (adj., adv., prep.): see mayhap (also n.: a doubt or chance)

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