Posted by: Jack Henry | June 19, 2020

Editor’s Corner Special Edition: The Shame Flute and Flautas, Revisited

Oh my!

Dear readers, I provided you with an incorrect flauta photo yesterday, and only a brief explanation. I was told I would have to wear a “shame keyboard,” since my fingers produced an Editor’s Corner that was incomplete and incorrect.

What I sent you was a photo of rolled tacos, also called taquitos; these are smaller than flautas, and made with corn tortillas. Taquitos are also more common, eaten by the peeps on the street. Flautas are made with white flour tortillas and are more upscale and served for meals. (Thank you, Javier and Susan, you made me even hungrier!) As mi amigo said, “Rolled tacos are served in the House of Commons; flautas are served in the House of Lords.” I know, we’re not in England, but you get the gist.



And then there’s the whole Schandeflote (shame flute). I thought it was a necklace indicating you were a bad musician—you know, a little gold flute on a chain. Silly me! We are talking German shame. This “necklace” is a device that buckles your fingers down to your instrument! Here is a picture from our coworker, Lori:

Thank you all for your feedback and the opportunity to learn even more about these words. Stay away from Middle Age German “jewelry” and buen provecho with your flautas!

Kara Church

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