Posted by: Jack Henry | July 13, 2017

Editor’s Corner: Formal Fused Words

I recently read an article about “formal fused words.” These words are combined to create a fixed expression, and the process of forming them is called “univerbation.”

Some examples of formalfused words are hereinafter and whensoever. They are not words we use very often, but we are vaguely familiar with many of them. We do, however, often use many fused words that are not so formal—words like although and whenever,for example.

The article I read breaks fused words down into three categories and provides descriptions. I found it interesting, so I’ve copied that part of the article for you. To read the entire article, click here.


Many compound adverbs, such as those beginning with any (anyone, anything, and so on), are entirely acceptable, as is the slightly more formal however, as well as thereafter, therefore, nevertheless, and nonetheless, but the following words may be seen as pedantic:

· hereinafter: following this part of this document or writing

· hereinbefore: preceding this part of this document or writing

· heretofore: up to this time

· hitherto: up to this time

· howsoever: in whatever manner, to whatever degree or extent

· insomuch: to such a degree

· therein: in that place, thing, or time, or in that particular or respect

· thereinafter: following the part of that document or writing

· thereinbefore: preceding the part of that document or writing

· theretofore: up to that time


Some compound conjunctions (such as although) are familiar, but the following might be seen as distractingly formal:

· albeit: even though

· forasmuch as: in view of the fact that

· howbeit: even though

· inasmuch as: in view of the fact that, or in the degree that

· insofar: to such degree or extent

· whensoever: at any or every time

· wheresoever: anywhere at all


Whatever, whenever, and so on, are everyday words, and whatnot is common though it may be perceived as substandard dialect, but the following are stiff:

· whatsoever: anything or everything, or no matter what, or anything that might also be mentioned (also an adjective)

· whosoever: whatever person, or no matter who

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