Posted by: Jack Henry | March 18, 2016

Editor’s Corner: Apart, A Part, and Ape Art

Good morning, all! I received another request from the audience to explain the difference between the word “apart” and the two words “a part.” Today we’ll have a look at the definitions so you know which one to use when the time comes.

apart: Apart is an adverb, which implies separation.


· My cousin and Joe were split apart after trying to punch each other.

· The twins were raised apart from each other to prove whether certain traits were more representative of nature or nurture.

· I tore apart the packaging trying to get to my new accordion.

a part: A is an article, which in this case means one. Part is a noun that means a piece of something.


· As a part of this team, we expect you to attend meetings on the weekend.

· He is playing a part in the play—I believe it’s Nick Carraway.

· I live in a part of the house that is cold and damp.

ape art: Art created by a member of the primate family.

Kanzi the bonobo and his ape art

Kara Church

Technical Editor, Advisory

Symitar Documentation Services

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