Posted by: episystechpubs | February 17, 2016

Editor’s Corner: The Revenant, Deadpool, and Dead Pool

This past Presidents’ Day, I thought I’d see a couple of movies. Well, I wanted to see Deadpool, but I was talked into seeing The Revenant, too. Ay carumba! This year’s Academy Awards promise to be grim and depressing, unless Mr. Deadpool hosts them, and I don’t think he’s on the list of welcome presenters.

Since several of you have asked me what the word revenant means, I will tell you this:

· The movie The Revenant means almost three hours of lovely but fierce film about a man who lives a cold, lonely, stinky, vicious, hard life.

· The word revenant, from Merriam-Webster, means “one that returns: such as the ghost of a dead person.” Revenant is derived from revenir (Middle French for “to come back, to return”).

So there you have it. I vote for Deadpool.

P.S. And if you want the definition of a dead pool, it is a morbid game where you and your fellow gamers bet on when specific people (usually celebrities) are going to die. (See The Dead Pool [1988] with Clint Eastwood as Dirty Harry.)

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