Posted by: Jack Henry | October 28, 2015

Editor’s Corner: Vocabulary Quiz

Boy, I went away for a couple days to visit my brother and his family and it really fouled up my calendar! I originally started this email “Happy Thursday” and picked a quiz because I used to do that on Thursdays as a habit. Well, let’s just pretend it is Thursday and I’ll provide you with this vocabulary quiz from Ihave some other things planned, but I haven’t had a chance to write them yet.

For now, here is a short vocabulary quiz. Once you’ve taken it, scroll down further for the answers and examples.

1. arcane

A) evil
B) sweet
C) mysterious
D) curved

2. temerity

A) boldness
B) fear
C) inflexibility
D) foresight

3. feckless

A) uninformed
B) sterile
C) incompetent
D) distasteful

4. precipitous

A) unexpected
B) edgy
C) clean
D) steep

5. stolid

A) muscular
B) impassive
C) watchful
D) confused

6. egregious

A) outrageous
B) angry
C) desperate
D) life-changing

7. trenchant

A) watery
B) sharp
C) melodic
D) handy

8. assuage

A) demolish
B) predict
C) relieve
D) condemn

9. protean

A) healthy
B) versatile
C) unruly
D) implausible

10. oxymoron

A) a complete fool
B) a muscular bully
C) a legal document that voids a contract
D) a phrase that seems to contradict itself


1: C) mysterious. Their arcane habits and practices shocked our Western eyes.

2: A) boldness. He had the temerity to disobey the judge’s orders.

3: C) incompetent. Rita’s feckless cousin just lost another job.

4: D) steep. The young hikers turned back, unwilling to scale the precipitous cliffs.

5: B) impassive. I wished that my class of stolid undergraduates were more interested in what was happening around them.

6: A) outrageous. This was an egregious act of betrayal.

7: B) sharp. Oscar’s trenchant wit won him many an argument.

8: C) relieve. To assuage her guilt, she decided to change her ways.

9: B) versatile. He is a protean musician who can play in almost any style.

10: D) a phrase that seems to contradict itself. Isn’t “jumbo shrimp” an oxymoron?

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