Posted by: Jack Henry | June 5, 2015

Editor’s Corner: Tom Swifties

Who ever thought that a good (or bad) ol’ pun would warm the cockles of so many hearts? I sure didn’t! Since they seem so popular, I thought I’d introduce you to some special puns called Tom Swifties. Tom Swifties are based on the adventures of Tom Swift, over 100 books in which the characters have a strong propensity towards adverbs. You can read more details about the origin of Tom Swifties in the first few paragraphs of the article, “Let’s Play a Punderful Word Game!” Said Tom Swiftly, by the king of puns, Richard Lederer.

Mr. Lederer describes them as puns “in which the adverb at the end of the sentence takes off punningly from the quotation, as in ‘I dropped by toothpaste, said Tom crestfallen.’”

You’ll get the drift as you read through some of them. Enjoy!

· “I love pancakes,” said Tom flippantly.

· “My pants are wrinkled,” said Tom ironically.

· “I lost my flower,” said Tom lackadaisically.

· “My favorite statue is the Venus de Milo,” said Tom disarmingly.

· “I love reading Moby-Dick,” said Tom superficially.

· “My glasses are all fogged up,” said Tom optimistically.

· “I’ll take the prisoner downstairs,” said Tom condescendingly.

· “I’m sorry that my jet propulsion system didn’t get the rocket to the moon,” said Tom apologetically.

· “My stereo is finally fixed,” said Tom ecstatically.

· “My family has a great future,” said Tom clandestinely.

· “I passed my electrocardiogram,” said Tom wholeheartedly.

· “What I do best on camping trips is sleep,” said Tom intently.

· “I’m back from my frontal lobotomy,” said Tom absent-mindedly.

· “I manufacture table tops,” said Tom counterproductively.

· “I’m wearing my wedding ring,” said Tom with abandon.

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