Posted by: Jack Henry | March 27, 2015

Editor’s Corner: More Eggcorns for Foghorn Leghorn

Let’s start the weekend off with a few more eggcorns!

From the Editor’s Corner readers:

Everything is Crisco clear now that you have explained it. (crystal clear)

The lawyer flea bargained the case down to a misdemeanor. (plea bargained)

From The Ants Are My Friends, by Martin Toseland (again, with British spelling and punctuation):

· We will be revisiting this topic shortly, as it is the crutch of the matter. (crux)

· She called the turnout at the clinic ‘just awesome’, but added, ‘It’s still disturbing to see the cars pulling in…it just curdles my hair”. (curdles my blood)

· (They) …paid a curtsey call on the President of the Kyrgyz Republic. (courtesy call)

· What gets his dandruff up is the film, ‘Loose Change.’ (dander)

· From Catering magazine, “The coverage provides for protection from claims for libel, slander, and deformation of character”. (defamation of character)

· The true matter is: it’s a doggy-dog world out there, and they’re all in it for the money. (dog-eat-dog world)

· That man is a real charmer; a regular Don Coyote. (Don Juan)

· These deals allow cardholders to pay off their credit card debt over a long period of time without accruing more debt due to exuberant interest rates. (exorbitant)

· This is an exercise in fertility. (futility)

Monday: What’s the difference between eggcorns and malapropisms?

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